Shoot... we hate when this happens. Did you check your spam folder? If it's not there, we have a couple of options (none of which include laying on the floor and crying, although we understand the temptation to do that).

The first and easiest thing you can do is send an email to It's extremely important that this email comes from your school email address (the one you used to signed up).  Regardless of the subject and message of the email, if the address you emailed us from is associated with your account, BAM your account will be verified!

Our second option, which is also very easy, is to create a ticket and our highly trained human support team will be extremely happy to help you!

Pro-tip: if you send an email to and you still can't log in, don't fret. Even though that process is fully automated, we are still notified and a ticket is created. We'll know if you still aren't having any luck and follow-up ASAP.