Our CollegeTown Specials can save you hundreds of dollars if used properly. Here’s how they work.

    CollegeTown Specials are located front and center at the very top of the app and website. We put them there because we think they’re the most valuable and important thing we offer!

    Specials are ordered by time. The first ones always show what’s happening right now! Then once a deal is over for the day, the next upcoming deal is displayed. You can scroll to the right to see all the specials for the day, or tap anywhere on a special to see more details.

    When you tap for details, the Special takes up the whole screen. Here you can see the title, the days of the week (highlight in blue), times, and description. Soon we’ll be adding a rating and sharing system so you can let your friends know which specials are happening!

    Want to see more specials, or see all the local businesses that we have specials for? Look no further. Simply tap “CollegeTown Specials”, or “See More” and you’ll reach a list that you can sort either by Venue or by Day. Now you can pick and choose which venues and specials you’d like to take advantage of.

We update our specials as often as possible and have lots of great features we plan to roll out very soon. Examples include the following:

  1. Business Verification Check: these check marks will let you know that the business has uploaded their special or happy hour data themselves, and you can truly trust its accuracy!
  2. Sharing: As we said above, soon we’ll add a share button.
  3. Favoriting and Notifications: Soon you’ll be able to add certain specials or venues as your favorites and be notified by app or email when a special is taking place or a new one is added.
  4. Social Features: We plan to let you know which of your friends like which specials the best.

If you have any ideas for how to improve specials, or any complaints about how bad it sucks, shoot us a message here.